2011 in a blog

Well it has been quite some time since i have kept up with this blog. Not necessarily the best way to manage or maintain a web blog so i will admit. Much has happened since my last post in September. Web design/Development is a really difficult career. Hence the title career. I have been through much trial and error in the past several months. Some more intense than others. But through it all i have become a better developer.

WordPress is a really great tool to not only assemble but for users and clients to maintain and manage themselves. I have progressively seen the web world flock away from static websites to Content Management Systems. This is where design and development smoothly come together. Graphic design, to html, to php and Jquery, WordPress is very effective. In the past several months I have gained great knowledge in WordPress themes, functionality, modified themes to now custom templates. Altogether i have nothing but hopes of getting better, more knowledgeable in my career not to forget keeping up with rapidly changing technologies, software, and concepts.

Nothing comes over night but I really look forward to learning more such as Joomla, Drupal and other platforms. Php is a language i have begun to understand and modify as necessary but i have high hopes of being able to write it myself. Overall I have mad progress since Graduation and each day is a new lesson. 2012 awaits new lessons to be learned. Happy Holidays everyone